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Examples: Admission Certificate , Adoption , Affidavit, Application for Custody, Appointment, Appointment, Apprenticeship Certificate, Apprenticeship Reference, Approbation Certificate, Authorisation/Authorization, Bachelor Certificate, Bank Account Statement, Bank Statement, Birth Certificate, Certificate, Certificate of Baptism, Certificate of Christianing, Certificate of Citizenship, Certificate of Conduct, Certificate of Conduct, Certificate of Descent, Certificate of Discharge, Certificate of Enrolment, Certificate of Identification, Certificate of Live Birth, Certificate of Marriage, Certificate of Nubility, Certificate of Origin, Certification, Certification of Marital Status, Certified Copy, Character Reference, Civil Marriage Certificate, Commercial Register Extract, Consent Of Adoption Declaration, Course Certificate, Court Ruling, Court Summons, Curriculum Vitae, Death Certificate, Declaration of Maintenance Payments, Decree Nisi Absolute, Decree of Dissolution of Marriage, Degree Certificate, Diploma Certificate, Divorce Certificate, Driver License, Driver's License, Driving Licence, Eligibility, Examination Certificate, Examination Certificate, Final Decree of Divorce, Findings and Judgement, General Certificate of Education, Graduation Certificate, Higher Secondary Examination , ID, Identification Certificate, Immigration Documents, Income Tax Declaration, Inheritance, Insurance Certificate, Internship Reference, Job Reference, Judgement, Judgment of Divorce, Judgment, Land Register, Last Will and Testament, Marital Status Certificate, Marriage Certificate, Marriage License, Marriage Record, Master Diploma, Military Service Record, National Insurance Certificate., Notice of Death, Notice of Hearing, Notification of Fine, Official Health Certificate, Passport, Patent, Pay Slip, PhD Certificate, Pilot's License, Police Clearance Certificate, Police Report, Power of Attorney, Pre-nuptial Marriage Agreement, Professional Certificate, Proof of Residency, Record Sheet, Registration of Birth, Residency Permit, School Certificate, Statement of Death, Statutory Declaration, Tax Certificate, Tax Return, Tax Return, Tax Declaration, Testimonial, Training Certificate, University Degree, Verdict, Visa, Wage Slip, Winner Certificate